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The new boy in town is a crossover fan fiction of  Beyblade  and Sadie's Story  from Halo 3 odst written by Ian Russo (A.K.A Bell_the_gaomon, and 14142000) for his friend.

The new boy in town summery:

The Blade Breakers meet a skilled beyblader named Yuu (who in this story takes the place of  Sadie Endesha )and his little brother Ken at the park, after a beybattle with Kai, he is offered a spot on the team. Later that day Kai finds Yuu and his brother camping out in one of his families company warehouses, this resulted in Kai finding out the boys are in fact homeless and offers them a place to stay. Its later revealed that the way Yuu and his brother have been surviving all on their own is with Virgil a subroutine of the Superintendent [Urban infrastructure A.I] created to look after and protect them through Japan’s urban infrastructure and mass network of cameras and microphones.

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