Kelly 117

As seen in the animation "Kelly 117"

First seen in the animation "Kelly 117 " Kelly is a data manangement A.I put incharge of all data in O.N.I's data center. When someone request access to classified info she alerts the head of that data's distribution who makes the choice to allow access or not. 


Durring the later events of The new boy in town, the Backup Superintendent requests access to the emergency camera network after a system failure. Kelly got the request and forwarded it to the head duty officer in charge of the network, who tells her to "Do it. Then ask whats going on." She replies with "Yes sir" and grants access. 


  • Kelly may have been first seen in the animation "Kelly 117" But she was first mentioned in the animation "The new boy in town animation: Backup Superintendent Access J.N.S.A Network " Which came before.
  • The Kellys name could be a reference to Halo's John 117 and Kelly 087 .
  • In the animation "Kelly 117" If you watch atfer the credits her hologram can be seen disappearing.
  • In the animation "Kelly 117" She was voiced by the creator of the story and animation, Ian Russo. 
  • Though she is female she is voiced by a male.
  • She is the only A.I so far in the story to use a hologram as an avatar.
  • She is the first female A.I in the story.
  • In Ian's post "THE NEW BOY IN TOWN:CLASSIFIED TRANSCRIPT(SPOILER)" She is marked as the one who requested the transcript. Saying
  • Kelly's voice is distorted for breif moments in the animation "Kelly 117" this could mean one of two things        1. She is on the brink of rapancy 2. Its an effect from reading semi corrupt data.
  • Kelly is the most human sounding A.I so far.

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